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iGearPro Wireless Item Locator – Key Finder with Base Support and LED Flashlight, Remote Control, 1 RF Transmitter and 4 Receivers

Pelican Freak’s 3.5 -Star Review of the Wireless Key Finder.

This is a great idea and a really handy thing to have on hand. Would also make a great gift for some people on my list who tend to be impossible to buy for.

There are a few things that aren’t totally accurate in the description/ instructions and a few minor changes I would make if it were up to me.
The concept of putting one of these on keys, other items you’re prone to losing is a good one.Of course then you have to be careful to not lose the remote and it’s small.

I like that the receivers are different colors. However – that’s as far as it goes. If this set were to be super helpful, the transmitter would have color-coded buttons. Then you could simply remember which color in on what, put the 4 different receivers on 4 different items you tend to lose and press the appropriate color when / as needed.
As they stand – there’s not a ton of good that comes from having 4 receivers. It’s impossible to know which one is beeping – they all sound the same and are all controlled the same.

The on off switch is placed well – it won’t get accidentally turned off but it’s easy enough to stick a pen, etc. in there and switch it on.

The packaging boasts that the transmitter is “credit card sized” and “designed to fit into a wallet / credit card slot”. That just isn’t true- as you can see in the pic I took where I held the two up together. I’m not sure why the packaging would boast of something that clearly isn’t true

However – that is the other thing I would change.
Making the transmitter the size of a credit card, so you can just keep it in your pocket, wallet, etc. would be awesome.

These are designed for keys – they’re on key rings.
I’m thinking I’ll stick one on or in my wallet as I keep losing that.

I’m thinking I’ll velcro one to my Apple TV remote because – I keep losing that and have no other way to watch TV !
Definitely very handy and lots of uses for them.

*I received this Wireless item locator kit for free in exchange for my honest review.
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