A new favorite diffuser- I’ve tried many. This one wins.



Pelican Freak’s 5-Star Review:
I’ve tested several oil diffusers as I love a good scent dispersed through my room or home. This one’s pretty fancy compared to the others.
I haven’t yet found many cons.

-Adapter is HUGE. Need to dedicate a whole outlet to it OR – get another adapter for this device.

-Hubby likes it because it “looks like a volcano”. The shape and the steam being dispersed do give off a distinct resemblance.
-Personally i like that it’s better looking than my other diffusers.
-Super easy to use – the top comes right off, no screwing or unscrewing- and sits right on perfectly.
-Color changing is relaxing

A couple of my favorite “scent recipes”:

Tropical Paradise

Sleep- enhancing:
-3 parts Lavender
-2 parts Vanilla

The “I totally cleaned my house recently” mix:
-equal parts lemon and lavender


*I received a nice discount on this in exchange for agreeing to give my honest review.