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Pelican Freak’s 5-star review

Holy crap! Something that actually works on my pain – it’s a miracle.
Pretty sure I’m going to be buying this product by the truck load (please don’t let me develop a tolerance to it)!

I agreed to try this because – why not? Nothing to lose.
I’m 33 years old and I’ve suffered from RA for as long as I can remember. Having been diagnosed over 20 years ago, it’s become fairly severe. It’s crept into places I didn’t know I had. Over the counter pills are a joke. Bengay and the like do nothing but irritate the pain and stink. Prescription-wise – well – I won’t bore you with the list of thing it doesn’t respond to.

That said – this gel is taking the edge off and I’m on Cloud Nine as I write this.
The gel arrived when I was having a bad knee day so I thought “what the hell” and tried it – poof, took the edge off. I wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence – I thought it must be since nothing ever helps. When my wrist flared up, I applied some of this and the pain went away entirely. Again on my elbow and just now, my shoulder started up – nothing ever helps my shoulders. However this stuff took the edge off.
I won’t be doing any major lifting, but I can sit and be relatively comfortable.

I’m shocked to find that something even takes the edge off my pain, let alone in some instances, is clearing it up.
It definitely depends on the severity level of the pain – if it’s really severe it’ll just take the edge off. If it’s moderate, it sometimes will clear it up.

I’m not sure how it works – I’ve taken to calling this my “magic gel”.
The first thing I noticed, “whether it works or not, it smells like Christmas”.
It does smell like sweet peppermint – I enjoy it myself. Hubby doesn’t care for it. He said “I smell like a [expletive] candy cane.”

As for the ingredients – I can pronounce every single one – so that’s always cool.
The power of essential oils? Not sure, i’m not questioning it – but there are a lot of them in this.

The only thing – the bottle says “relief is hot, soothing…” It is completely not hot. it’s cooling, if anything.
Also – it does leave me just slightly sticky.
Totally worth it for the pain relief.

SO buying more.

*I receive this gel in exchange for my honest review.