So, I usually just share 5-star reviews here. However this one is really great, super slim and easily fits into even jeans pockets.

I deducted one star because the ports are not smart ports – however if you’re looking for one that’s super potable, this might be the way to go.

I’ve had other products from Akiko before and they’ve always been durable and this vendor actually backs up their products so it’s hassle-free too.

The product:

Pelican Freaks FOUR-star review:

I have absolutely no complaints about this external battery pack. I went with this one because it looked really slim and it did not disappoint – it is the slimmest external power supply I’ve seen -and I have several of these! Loving it – I can comfortably stick it in my pocket with my phone. Love that I can charge 2 devices at a time. It seems to be good for about 2-4 charges, depending upon how dead the battery is on the device I’m using it to charge.
I’d say 2 full charges if I had to guess based on my experience.
It claims to be good for 500 charges – if it isn’t , I’ll update the review but as it stands it’s really great!

The only thing I’d change about this, given the chance?
It would have smart ports – that’s the only thing that can make it better.

*I received this item for free in exchange for honest review.