Ever since I rated this product less-than-perfect, I’ve been hounded with emails from them begging me to change it and threats to downvote my profile… so immature and unclassy. As a result, I would definitely recommend STRONGLY against considering anything from this particular Amazon seller.


Pelican Freak’s 3-star review

This garlic press is okay – like anything it has its ups and downs.

-It is really well made.
-The stainless steal is fairly easy to clean.
-Good weight, making it arthritis friendly.

-Does not press the garlic totally no matter how much pressure applied.
-As you can see in the pic, it works more like an imprinter than a mincer.

It’s one of those preferential things in the long run. Since it wastes garlic but not totally pressing it, and leaving a chunk behind just imprinted, for me taking the time to chop it and get my money’s worth is better.
However some may feel that for the ease of pressing, some waste is worthwhile.

In summary – I’d recommend this product if you’re in the group that doesn’t mind some waste.

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review…

Update –
Seller has been harassing me via email as a result of this 3-star review. They contacted me, asking for an honest review, I agreed and when I gave my honest review, instead of a generic 4 or 5-star review they became upset.
As a result, I do not recommend anything from this brand or vendor.