If your kids are still not over the Frozen hype, you might need one of these for this back-to-school season. Here’s one that I found that is holding up well and kinda pretty!


Pelican Freak’s 5-star review:

This is a huge hit – I’ve seen tons of Elsa backpacks around of course – everyone is capitalizing on her popularity.
Some of them have been cheesy though or too pink, etc. I love this one. Blue is the base color, has some purple mixed in / accents and I LOVE the shiny, metallic trim. It’s a cute touch.

As pictured, the bag features Elsa on the front. I love her little tiara up on the top – in what I call the ‘built in pencil case’. There’s a side pocket that’s perfect for a drink and the bag hasn’t had any leakage. It is more durable than the other kids’ backpacks I’ve tried so far – it’s not busting at the seams or falling apart under the weight when I stuff it with books and a computer.

The straps are adjustable and it’s fairly comfortable.
There are 5 total compartments. The other one on the side wraps a bit to the back & just has a velcro top so I wouldn’t put anything super valuable in that part – but I wouldn’t put anything super valuable in something I wear on my back anyway 🙂 .

I feel like the product picture doesn’t really do the front of it justice so hopefully my own here sheds some light.

*I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest review.