This Authorship Adventure series has several great books that cover the basics for authors and from what I’ve seen whether you’re still considering becoming an author or are a seasoned best-seller you’ll still learn something here. My personal favorite is:  Proof and Edit 101: Easy Basic Guaranteed to save your time and money (The Authorship Adventure Series Book 4) by Ella Medler. Ella is a professional editor and a damn good one. As it happens I’ve read books by several of her authors and I rarely if ever catch mistakes. I love when authors I follow use her because I know I’ll have no distractions and will just get into the book.

Proof and Edit 101 is amazing – it covers a lot of the basics along with common mistakes and you should read this whether you’re an author, just updating your resume or even writing a Facebook status – it’ll save you from looking stupid. It doesn’t just dictate – it is memorable. So simple yet so full of important knowledge. I could go on all day but .. I’ll spare you.

The book:

Pelican Freak’s 5-star review:

Cover: Professional
Editing/Proofing: Professional
Formatting: Professional

Seriously GET THIS BOOK. Whether you’re an author or just updating your resume, or send emails to your colleagues, etc. EVERYONE NEEDS TO LEARN EVERYTHING THAT IS IN THIS BOOK.

This book really is great – it covers all the basics including addressing common mistakes, misconceptions, etc. It also offers up easy ways to remember each area it addresses. It’s so simple yet so FULL OF TRUTH. Reading this book, I felt myself constantly saying this like “YES!!” and “AMEN!”
I know I might be a little worked up here – bottom line, this is a great book. Offered at a great price as it happens. Where else can you learn basic grammar so easily and so cheap? Everyone needs this book. In fact, after reading some of my friends’ social media updates, I think I’m going to buy one for everyone I know. 😉
Ella really knows her stuff and it shows – what’s more is it is so simply put that it’ll likely easily stay with out. She lays it all out there and it makes sense.