I’ve been fortunate to get some really cool products to test lately and this is definitely a #firstworldproblems kinda solution-product but it is really cool.

The product:


Seriously – I want one for every room and I need to buy some for the holiday season. I think I could just give these to everyone on my list.

My 5-star review:

Absolutely love this port and would give it more stars if I could. It’s equipped with 4 charging ports and an adapter so I currently have it plugged into a power strip and resting on my nightstand. I can charge all 3 of my iPads and my iPhone while I sleep. I can also stand and of my iPads up in this and watch TV in bed or anywhere for that matter by streaming on my iPads – awesome. I’ve got a TV in the bedroom but am nearsighted. Thanks to this stand I can relax without worrying about rolling over on my glasses, etc.

All four ports go up to 2.4A but this is a SMART charger- meaning it can charge at 1A and 2.4A both and it automatically detects which device I’ve got charging off which port. No worrying about which one to plug into which or trying to read tiny print, etc.

Stand works on both Portrait and Landscape, is very supportive and sturdy.
Pictured, it’s holding my iPad 4 which is one of the older iPads and is heavier than all my others.
Perfect for travel as its compact and can turn any nightstand into a charging station.

I received this product in exchange for honest review but would like to pick up a couple more. One on my desk so that I can easily reach out and work on my iPad in between the computers I already have on my desk would make life even easier. Also would make a great gift – I know a few people who can use this.

Thank you, Inatek!

My nightstand-turned-charging station!  (Not the greatest pic. With the black iPad in the black charging station on the black nightstand – but you get the idea.)  🙂