Conair Waterfall Foot Spa isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Pelican Freak’s 1-star Review:

A huge waste of money, space, water and resources.

This isn’t lightweight – I physically cannot lift it with the water in it. I have to make a couple trips to remove water, as I cannot just lift the whole thing and dump it.
It does hold about 2 gallons and to be fair, most people probably can lift it. I am severely arthritic, hence wanting the foot spa. I bought 2 of this model and both have no heat.

The first one, I just figured it was defective and exchanged it for a replacement. The second one, when the water turned ice cold I investigated. Nowhere on this is there a heater- Conair is straight up lying by claiming it has heat on the box and listing – unless by “with heat” it means ‘the word heat is written on this machine but it does not actually heat’.

It is incredibly loud. I couldn’t use if it anyone was sleeping, or after hours in an apartment complex with neighbors downstairs or while the TV is on. I would tolerate all that if I could heat up the water, dissolve some nice salts, etc. in it and have a warm foot soak but since it FALSELY claims to have heat and doesn’t – it really has no use.

Save yourself the $40 and just get a bucket. Cheaper, easier to maneuver and quieter.
The attachments on this thing are nothing to write home about – not effective and are cheap.

Do NOT recommend at all. Seriously just get a plastic tub if this would benefit you.

The product: