One of those little things that can make like so much easier, even though it doesn’t look like much! This one is tried and true – I have several by this vendor.

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5 out of 5 stars
Pelican Freak

I am so in love with this charger; I’ve been using it (and others like it in different colors) since early 2013. I’ve had these for my iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, my iPhone 5 and still currently use them all the time for my iPhone 5s, my Kindles, my iPad Air mini and my iPad Air 2.

As you can see, with all those devices, I do not need another thing to carry around, however the lipstick chargers are perfect! They dont really take up much room in a purse, and they fit perfectly in my pants pockets along with the phone if I need to charge it while on the go, running around, etc. This particular one (rainbow) is my favorite ’cause it’s also pretty. Tends to work for 2 full charges before I need to recharge it.