The product:

BeeNakedBalm’s Organic lip balm in 3 flavors.
I got this handy little drawstring canvas bag with four lip balms for just $2.50.

Pelican Freak’s 5-Star review:

I had been wanting to try out this lip balm so when I was offered it at a discount in exchange for honest review I happily accepted. My unbiased account of my experience /opinions follows.

First of all I love that I can pronounce everything in these and there are just a few ingredients – that is so rare these days. The healing chapsticks are just made from coconut oil, beeswax and sunflower oil, then flavored / infused with vitamins from what I can tell. Simple can be excellent.

The BlueMountain Mint is the first one I tried – I had doubts about this one as eucalyptus is good but can be very strong. This one is actually kinda perfect: if I were to inhale deeply, I do expect it might help to clear my sinuses, but on my lips there is just a slight, cooling effect that minty balms can have. Feels very soothing and left my lips feeling so soft and smooth. I’m not picking up any taste but enjoying the fresh scent.

Peppermint: This one is yummy – it smells like Christmas to me – candy canes! Is pretty intense on, in a good way. A strong, cool minty feel when on the lips, very soothing and no taste at all that I can detect – just that yummy scent. The cool, minty feeling lasts quite awhile with this one. The cool, soothing feeling stayed with me for over an hour.

Spearmint: Smells amazing, no taste, Super soothing and a faint, cool feel on the lips that is not unlike the eucalyptus. That feeling lingered for just a few minutes.

Overall this is a great product – received this at a discount in exchange for honest review but will buy again / would pay full price.