Wow … thought I’d share the discovery I just stumbled onto. I gladly agreed to review some Peppermint essential oil in exchange for honest review ’cause I’ve been using some essential oils to make my house smell nice lately and I wanted to check out the peppermint (I’ve got Pine on the way as well and am thinking I can make it smell like Christmas up in here!).

Anyway, when I opened it I was in the midst of a coughing fit and having some chest pain – as I have been doing a lot of lately from all the coughing – just sore.
Of course I uncapped it, took a whiff and – viola. My lungs immediately felt soothed and I haven’t coughed since. It worked like magic and it’s my new go-to after 3 decades of not having a remedy for coughing.

The product (probably any brand will do as long as it’s 100% pure peppermint essential oil)

Pelican Freak’s 5-star review that doesn’t do it justice:

Well this arrived just in time for me – I use a lot of essential oils diluted in my oil diffusers to just fragrance the home or help me relax, sleep , etc.
This one has another use – I’ve been having coughing / chest pain and inhaling this un-diluted has proven to be very soothing for both. Coughing has slowed down quite a bit and my chest feels… relieved.

I’m getting really into the pure essential oils lately and love when I find a good sized bottle of 100% pure // not added ingredients// things I cannot pronounce, etc. This truly is 100% peppermint oil and it smells pretty excellent. I’ve smartened up and now try to stick to buying the ones that come with the dropper – like this one. Very convenient and eliminates the mess. Do NOT try to pour from these! Even the ones that come with a stopper always make a mess on me as they’ve always fallen out.

Anyway the oil smells great – it’s of course a minty, fresh scent. Great to just eliminate other odors around the home, or to relax to.

Fun tip: Burn it with a couple drops of pine essential oil and your home will smell like the holidays. I like to use this to get into the holiday spirit when the time comes. I actually suffer from migraines and have been getting noticeably less – (and they’re less severe when they do come on now) after making this a regular part of my life. Such a simple solution to an awful ailment – I highly recommend this oil if you suffer from migraines / headaches. Also is a stress reliever. I like to burn this one while I work so that the little things are less apt to irritate me. Keeps everyone that has to deal with me happier. 😉

I like this brand ‘cause they do not test on animals.
Added bonus – a dropped included. I’ll never go back! I’ve gone crazy trying to find droppers to fit some of my other oils bottles. This is the best way to buy them – with the dropper included.
As it happens I was able to switch the cap out with the dropper – it is a perfect fit. (As depicted in the pic of me holding it upside down.)

I received this product at a discount in exchange for honest review. Thanks so much.