If you know me, you know I live to annoy everyone around me. The more I like someone, the greater my need to just drive them out of their mind. I find it to be great fun.

I occasionally leave messages on the windows, mirrors, really any smooth surface for Hubby using liquid chalk, that way I get to have my fun without damaging any property. Recently I found this really great set that writes smooth and has about 8 different, bold colors.

The product:


Pelican Freak’s 5-Star Review:

These are the best liquid chalk markers I’ve tried! For a few years now I’ve been trying different ones, trying to find some that are smooth and have a great, bold color. I was beginning to think I was asking for too much but when I was offered these at a discount in exchange for product review I decided to give them a try.
I am so glad I did!

These are really cool – first of all, as pictured you get:

Second of all the tips are actually chisel tip AND bullet tip! The tip pops right out, turn it around and pop it back in. I didn’t expect to be able to do this myself as I am very arthritic but I succeeded easily.

They start easily – other ones I’ve tried take forever.
I noticed with these after giving them a good shake, and then 3 good presses, the liquid chalk begins flowing.

It is super fun to draw/ write with these as the ‘ink’ flows perfectly smoothly.
A little bit goes a long way – no need to layer it on thick.
Looks great. Bold colors.
Easily wipe clean – again arthritis-friendly.
They came with 8 ‘chalkboard’ labels so we’re having fun around here designing labels for random things around the house.

Use on:
Chalk boards
Dry-erase boards

The possibilities seem pretty endless.
Thanks for the great markers Impulseev.