Here’s a case that I was pleasantly surprised by:

Pelican Freak’s 4-star review:

I was given this case in exchange for an honest review –
In testing it out, I’ve found that it’s definitely more aesthetic than protective. It’s a great looking case and I love that it is so thin.
Will protect against minor wear and tear like scratches.
It is very easy to get the kickstand out – even for my weak, arthritic hands and for that I bumped it up from what would’ve been 3 stars to 4 – I’m having a hard time finding little items like this that I can still work with.

*Kickstand that actually supports the weight of the phone.
*Arthritis friendly!!
*Does not add bulk to the phone.
*Soft case gives it some padding – good for low impact.
*Mountable in car vent – makes it hands-free for safer use of GPS, etc. while driving.

*Offers minor protection – do not use this to shield from dropping / rough play.
*Despite the product description, I would NOT expect this to protect against high impact – at least not where the kickstand is. It IS soft, but it’s a bit thin and flimsy. Wouldn’t use it for exercise – would stick to my Otterbox for this. Fine for hanging around.
*Can use the kickstand as a car mount as well.
*No bumper/feet over the front – if you drop the phone face down you’re screwed – unless you pair with a tempered glass screen protector.

Suggestions for the manufacturer:
I would add some of those tiny feet to the front of the case.. just in the corners. This would protect the phone further when it’s set down face down.
Would lift it out of anything wet, prevent scratches, etc.