J.A. Howell never disappoints and I eagerly await more #perfection from her.

The book:



Pelican Freak’s 5-star Review:

Cover: Professionally done – looks great.
Editing/Proofing: Appears to be professionally done … very few errors noticed.
Formatting: Professional

As always with Howell, when I had to step away from this book, I missed it and wondered what the characters were up to. She has a way of developing characters that really stay with you – I’d love to know where these people are now and what they’re doing. Great character development.

There is action almost immediately – along with devastation. In the pages that follow: more devastation, life spiraling out of control, drama, some scandal, more violence – this is a good, diverse book that would appeal to readers of many genres. Mystery is alive throughout most of it as well.

I tend to predict everything but Howell manages to throw out some curve balls and so I’ve come to just enjoy the ridge with her. None of her works have been typical and this is no exception.

Overall rating: 5 stars.