This book was long awaited … it was totally worth the wait, though I find myself yet again waiting for the next installment in this series.

Dawson is brilliantly evil.

The book:

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The review:
Pelican Freak
5 out of 5 stars

I’m not likely to remember ALL of the things I experienced while reading this / wanted to mention but I’ll give it a go …

First of all … from the very first couple paragraphs I felt like , “whoa, her writing’s really improved.” As a big fan of her writing from the beginning I’m not saying it needed improvement or that I’d found anything wrong with it – I just felt like there was a noticeable difference in this book. She’s clearly spent a lot of time and worked really hard on this one. Her descriptions are stellar: they give a clear picture without being super wordy and adding length to the book or losing my spastic attention. At the same time they are different than most – they alone serve to give this book a much darker feel. After everything our regular characters went through in the first two installments, a darker tone was certainly implied – as well as some of the events themselves. But even when awful things aren’t happening, the mood is set – and it is on a dark setting and it is glorious.

I love how Dawson did so well at making the whole mood/feel of the book just adapt to the times we’ve found everyone in. Finding Hope does pick up pretty much right where Lost & Found left off – just as Lost & Found did with I Hope You Find Me – yet has a very different feel to it at the same time.

When characters say and think things like, “I’ll rip out the man’s spine and wear it as a scarf.” I’m hooked. I love the originality and violence in such a simple statement. Many times she made me smile despite the morbid happenings.

I feel like some of the questions that popped up in Book 1 have been answered but certainly others spring up in this action and drama-packed installment. I’ll also issue a fair warning – this book ends on a cliff hanger of sorts. With this ending, I am going kind of nuts – definitely leaves me wanting more but also leaves me frustrated because I wanted so long for this installment and now I must wait longer to figure out what the heck happens…

Cover: Gorgeous and professionally done – and fits with the story brilliantly.
Continuity: no beefs here – well done.
Editing/Proofing: Very well done – only caught a few typos.
Formatting: book has a professional appearance.
Character development: Utterly brilliant. All of them stay true to character throughout their time in the series. With some of them you can even see the exact moment they lose their minds – the how/why/when/where of it happening and almost hear the snap their brain must be making. When things happen that do prompt them to change in this way – the characters are not lost. Even when out of their minds you can still sense them in there somewhere – this was done magically – and with more than one of the beloved regulars of this series.

I highly recommend this series to readers of all genres as there’s mystery, no shortage of action and loads of drama. I’ll be re-reading this whole series for sure – cannot wait to dive in again.