I am rough on things and as a result, it’s hard to find charger cables that hold up to me so when I found a “Pelican Freak proof” charger for my iPads & iPhones, I thought I’d share.

Mediabridge has been offering me free products in exchange for honest feedback and their items have been pretty great so far.

The product:



Pelican Freak’s review:
5 out of 5 stars

I am loving this cable – I’ve been using Amazon Basics cables – they claim to be “Apple Certified MFI cables” but stop working after every major iOS update so obviously are not really.

This Mediabridge Apple MFI Certified Lightning cable has just become my new go to. Fits so many of my devices and charges them rapidly; I’ve been able to charge all of the following to a full 100% in just a matter of hours:

-my Apple iPad Air Mini
-My Apple iPad 4
-My iPhone 5s
-My Apple iPad Air II
-My iPod
-Hubby’s iPhone 6

One cable fits all – nice and small so that it fits around their various cases as well. Lightning fast. Working fine with the latest iOS update (version 8.3).
Sturdy, well-made cable. I tend to wear these out quickly but these is visibly better made than the ones I’ve been using. It actually appears to have an added coating on each end, making it more durable. (See picture)

I’ve got the 6 foot which is the perfect length – gives me room to move around a bit if I need to use a device while it’s charging but not so long that it gets all knotted/ tangled.
This cable also works perfectly for syncing my iPhone to my computer – I like to back up some of my photos, and my iPod to my computer.