The vendor behind the shampoo that burned my fucking scalp skin off is now down-voting me for sharing my honest experience.
The whole reason I have this shampoo is because they asked me to try it and give my honest feedback. But when it didn’t end up being full of praise they no longer wanted to hear it.

They also changed their listing from claiming it DOES have one ingredient to claiming it doesn’t – so they could call me a liar in their comment.
Whether it has or doesnt have Minoxidil … the before/ after pic speaks for itself.


It turned my hair not-blonde, dull, lacking volume, frizzy, flyaways and straw-like. It melted the skin off my scalp which of course you can’t see in the pic.

They should WANT their potential buyers to know that a small percentage of us might experience adverse reactions but – clearly they have no ethics and just want sales.
Also they dropped the price from $50/bottle (when they asked me to review it) to the current $15/bottle … interesting.…/R2C7BL0AOAVEV3/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm

I feel I was generous in giving them 3 stars- and the benefit of the doubt that it isn’t their fault I had a bad reaction but – they still didn’t take it well.

Do you REALLY want my honest feedback, or just biased praise ? The Shampoo fiasco ...