I’d been having some issues with my hair and so when I was approached by this company to review their product, I promptly agreed.

My hair is thick, I do not necessarily have a hair-loss problem in the traditional sense but I am shedding more and it’ had changed overall.

I review a lot of products and am going to share any great discoveries and some favorites here.

The product:


The review:

5 out of 5 stars.
Pelican Freak

I always had wash & go hair – and it turns out I need it because I am barely coordinated enough to get it pulled into a messy bun or ponytail.

In the past year or so I’ve had some drastic changes in my hormone levels and wow – my poor hair has felt it. It went from nearly platinum blonde, shiny and silky to dull, dirty blonde, straw-like and unmanageable. This new texture has driven me nuts. I thought maybe I should stop using cheap shampoos and shelled out for fancy, imported stuff but no change. After never using products in my life, I tried all kinds: leave in conditioners, Moroccan oil (not cheap), name it. No luck. My freshly washed hair sometimes looks greasy even. It always looks dull and dirty blonde even though my natural color is much lighter.

And the shedding. Wow. I’ve always shed a fair amount, I’ve been known to go through vacuums like nothing but – this was a whole new level of shedding. I went from needing under 10 minutes to shower, get dressed, the works to needing double that JUST to wash my hair – with all the time it takes to get all those loose, freshly shed hairs off my wet hands. Even after a shower, having just lost so much, I can run my fingers through my hair and come out with a ton. It’s gotten crazy.

So when I was offered a free sample of this Vitamin shampoo in exchange for honest review I figured, ‘what do I have to lose?’

I actually kept a journal and noted any changes I noticed. I won’t bore you with my journal, I’ll just share my findings:

First of all this smells amazing- each time I use it I am briefly transported (mentally) to a fancy spa or salon. That smell is fantastic but also reminiscent of the few times I did treat myself to proper pampering. I am hoping this company makes some sort of leave in product with this scent.

After rinsing out the shampoo I am able to get my fingers and a hairbrush right through it. It feels silky, smooth but the real test will be when it dries…
The next day I noticed I seemed to be shedding less – and this has remained true. I am still shedding a ton in the shower but seem to be shedding less in between washes; I’ll take what I can get. I really didn’t expect a change in the amount of hair I’m losing to happen overnight and I am still hopeful (and optimistic) that over time the shedding continues to lessen.

What amazed me the most was my old color returned , after just the one use! (See pic) My hair was back to being the lighter shade of blonde it used to be – I’m not sure how it works, or if this shampoo just managed to rid my hair of some old dulling chemicals/nutrients, etc or what but – I’m not really interested in questioning a good thing. I just hope it keeps up.

As I write this, I have continued to use the shampoo and am still enjoying the lighter hair color / lack of the dull, brownish color it had taken on. My hair has been soft, silky and a lot more manageable. It’s back to wash & go which is awesome because I am incapable of doing anything with it.

As an experiment, I tried it out this morning without following it up with conditioner. My hair was still bright, light blonde. Brush goes right through. Soft, silkie and manageable. So while I don’t know that I can afford the steep price tag on this, I’m hoping I can work something out to keep using it. The fact that I do not need to use conditioner – saving me a bit of time and money certainly will help me when I try to justify the price to purchase.

As I continue to use this product, I will update this review if I note any more changes – good or bad- for anyone who’s interested. I for one, would want all the facts before investing in a $40 bottle of shampoo – but am surprised to find myself open to the expense.

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