I was offered these in exchange for honest review and thought I’d blog the review as well because they truly do sound great. For $50, wireless option and great sound? I think it’s pretty unbeatable… Blasting some Rob Zombie as I type this out!

Pelican Freak
5 out of 5 stars ( Would give more if I could!!)
Wow- these have great sound!!

I was offered this product for free in exchange for honest review and the timing was amazing because I just realized my other over-the head headphones are broken.

These are Bluetooth headphones meaning WIRELESS!! No more getting all tangled when trying to listen. I didn’t have high expectations for the sound quality given the price of these but am super pleasantly surprised.

I am listening to these right now and loving the sound. I’ve tried out some Top 40 as well as some heavy rock with a lot of bass – these headphones are able to do it all. I currently have them synced to my iPhone, while the iPhone has crappy (non stereo) sound, these actually still sound amazing (and in stereo!).

They charged fully in about an hour. Were extremely easy to pair – I just turned the Bluetooth on on my iPhone and despite it having several other devices synced to it, it still found the headphones in just a few seconds.

What is also great about these is that they are very comfortable. I’m one of those who hates headphones as a rule, just because they are uncomfortable and inconvenient – these are great. Soft, cushion-y. I feel like I could live in these. I’ve been sleeping to my iPhone but will likely switch to these as they are comfortable enough to wear all night and the sound is impressive.

I like that they come with a nifty little drawstring pouch for safekeeping/ storage. They do have a cord so I can use them while plugged in if my Bluetooth goes down or I dont have a full charge – it’s great to have these options.

They are super lightweight -which makes them all around easier for me being arthritic and makes them that much more comfortable while on.

Highly recommend these – amazing sound for the price and of course, potability thanks to the Bluetooth option.

Am blasting some Nine Inch Nails into my head as I wrap this up – feeling really great!