Scratches Down My Back: Love & Ink book 2, by J.A. Howell
5 out of 5 stars.

Pelican Freak

That header is a quote from this book that made me think a bit; the protagonists in this book were, at times their own worst enemies and I just loved to root for them and also become disappointed in them all at once. Their trials and tribulations do show the ways a couple can change one another – for the better in some ways. Each of them gains some more self awareness as they are sort of forced to stop and take a look at themselves and it was fascinating to accompany them on their respective journeys.

Upon initiating this review, Amazon asked me which word I would use to describe this book:

While this book keeps me on the edge of my seat, unable to put it down, sleep, or go about my daily life until I’ve absorbed it all, it certainly makes me think as well. Some very serious issues come to mind, such as this country’s rape culture. One of the protagonists sort of leads a double life, meaning that she works as a dominatrix model and is sort of a poster child / famous pin up for this lifestyle – a good portion of her life was actually dictated by people’s snap judgements of her career choice and whenever issues surrounding this came up, I couldn’t help but be infuriated for her because it is very true to life, unfortunately. She of course also suffers some abuse as a result of these stupid snap judgements that people can make and as I read I cannot help but become painfully aware of some of the issues that need a serious attitude in real life.

Of course as always with Howell, the characters are very well developed and some of them I was already familiar with from her Possess Saga series. The writing is pretty flawless, as is the editing and the cover and formatting are gorgeous.

The book has some action, plenty of sex, lots of humor and a healthy dose of drama.