5 out of 5 stars – wish I could give it more!

Pelican Freak

I put off writing this review for a little while because I just do not know how to accurately do it justice. To say I couldn’t put it down would still be an understatement. To put it really simply: Howell’s writing is a drug. One that is highly addictive and one that I have no desire to quit – I’m never able to get enough. I started this book upon finishing her The Possess Saga, which I completely could not get enough of. Characters from each of her series cross over into her other series so if you cannot get enough of one, it is worth reading the other. These characters are so fantastically developed that you will find yourself needing any little bit you cant get. Some have been to hell and back only to come out on top and grow into beautiful, confident, successful, strong women. Others, I loved to hate and loved just watching and waiting for them to get theirs – in this one it’s the wife who truly is a dirty skank. When the book opens up, Kieran walks in on her with five – yes FIVE- guys.

This nice guy who is known for letting his skank wife use him turns out to have a very dominant side – as in he literally discovers pleasure on whole new levels when he ends up finding his sub. The two fall for each other though and, while I’m not into romance, it was completely fun to be along for the ride, waiting for these two complete screw ups to get their acts together and just let themselves be happy.

Continuity is, as always perfect and the attention to detail that Howell puts into every aspect is brilliant and makes for hilarious, laugh-out-loud reading as she doesn’t restrict this to characters. It carries over to the businesses in the charming small town that the bulk of this book is set in, and even down to the coffee shop menu. I do not even like coffee, but after reading this I kinda want to go into business with Howell – I wonder if she’ll open up a coffee shop with me?

This book is well written ( to put it mildly), well edited and beautifully formatted.