5 out of 5 stars

Pelican Freak

I havent tried any of these recipes yet but am excited to have found several that I will be trying.

I was also pleased to find another person’s ideas for making stock and some green-friendly tips in there as well – always welcome! The pizza dough by R.E. Hargrove looks super simple and I’ll likely be trying it very soon – cannot wait. Same for the pie crust! The brilliance to having a bunch of different people contribute to a cookbook is there is a diversity in the types of dishes that are listed here and I truly think there’s something for everyone in this book.

The sausage gravy recipe is another I’m anxious to try and I think the snickerdoodle muffins will be a big hit – ALL of the recipes seem very simple and have straightforward, sensible instructions. I’m thinking this will be a new favorite cookbook for me. I’ve always wanted to try my own hash and have found inspiration for that here… the more I read this book, the more excited I become.

There is even a comfort foods section! This may just be the greatest collection of recipes on Amazon!

I think the “I don’t cook but my family has to eat” section truly makes it “everyone friendly”. I love the personality that shines through this book as well- it definitely adds an element of fun. You know what else adds fun? Cocktails! Yes, there is a cocktails section as well… you cannot go wrong with this book if you’re looking for some new recipes or some inspiration for your own.

I think the only thing missing here is some pictures of some of the finished products.

The Book: