5 out of 5 stars
Pelican Freak

This book is interesting, unlike anything else I’ve read. At first I had a hard time getting around the religious part of it, heaven and hell, a demon princess with a “quota of souls” to fill in order to appease Lucifer and statements that explain someone actually being in hell as a result of committing one of the seven deadly sins. I definitely had to set aside my personal beliefs for this one and just allow myself to become submerged in this fictitious world.

That said, it wasn’t difficult to do as Haigwood has created a rather interesting world with this series and while Save My Soul gave a taste of it, Hell’s Gift delves much deeper into it. Just as I’m feeling acclimated to the situation, Haigwood drops a bomb and I knew I wouldn’t be putting this book down until I’d consumed all of it.
That is the beauty of fiction.

In addition to the overall fantasy of the situation, there is drama – some really fun drama. Lots of action and it was thought provoking at times – definitely a fun world to escape into and try to wrap my head around while taking in all of the chaos. The POV switches frequently but each switch is made abundantly clear and so it is easy to follow.

Overall well written and well edited.

I recommend this series.

The book: