This really is a great series by an amazing writer and an awesome dude – Let me know if you check it out!

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Cool story: I (Alexa) got to meet Mr. Cook on a Facebook author promotion party. He talked about his books, this series as well as his new YA, and when I posted about this review blog, he asked if I’d read his steampunk series, Dawn of Steam. Seeing as I love steampunk, I was pretty darn excited and, obviously, said yes.

Cool story over! Without further ado, here’s my review of Dawn of Steam: First Light.


Back Cover Description:

In 1815, in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, two of England’s wealthiest lords place a high-stakes wager on whether a popular set of books, which claim that the author has traveled to many unknown corners of the globe, are truth or, more likely, wild fiction. First Light is an epistolary novel, told primarily through the eyes of former aide-de-camp Gregory Conan Watts, describing the journeys of…

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