I love new characters. They have a point to each story – be it a fleeting one or a complex one – and the new side character in FINDING HOPE is a cool one. But since I wrote him, I’m a bit biased.

Anyway, here is an intro scene with ‘Jin’, inspiration taken from Jang Dong Gun, where I found the image below on Pinterest. No, it’s not mine. You can run over to my Find Me Seriesinspiration board to see more of him. *double wink*


His voice, still calm and exotic, spoke flatly, “You are not well.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“You were not fine outside. You were dying.”

I flattened my back against the wall, struggling to breathe in deeply. Once my lungs were fully inflated again, I pulled the zipper up on my coat, stopping just below my chin. “You brought me here. Why?”

“Like I…

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