Such a pretty book! Link below…

5/5 stars
Pelican Freak
Overall some of the most gorgeous formatting I’ve ever seen! Easy on the eyes and I just had to have a print of this one.

Book 1:
Immediately, I am intrigued by this girl, whose POV we are treated to as she’s brilliant and living in the ever-eventful Portland, OR. I become more and more attached as I read on, only to discover that if I put the book down I am struck with that, “I miss my book” feeling and so, I must read until there is no more to be read.

Going along I cannot help but appreciate the current pop-culture references and mentions as they go along with my own perceptions of an area I do love so much but with objectivity.
I finished this book in a short amount of time due to its being so addictive; I do hope there’s more to come with these characters, but it was wrapped up neatly that it works as a standalone as well.

Book 2:
Immediately I am brought right back into The Falling Starr world as Book 2 picks up exactly where Book 1 left off. It’s as if I never left Book 1 – Hoots has a knack for series writing for sure. It takes a little bit before the action starts but that gives us plenty of time to be come acclimated to Angela’s new surroundings / old life, etc. In this installment of the series, many questions are answered yet the story becomes more intriguing still. Like its predecessor I became rather addicted to the story, unable to put it down. Over too soon and, like Hoots’ other books, it left me hanging. I’ll be waiting for her next on the edge of my seat – I highly recommend getting caught up!

Book 3:
The book opens by finally giving us readers some more explanation of how Angel came to be in her current predicament – something I much appreciate, and one that I am satisfied with as the continuity is flawless. Angel has her hands full and the drama of it all is just wonderful! This is an interesting read, as Angel finds her way in this ‘new-to-her’ yet old world she is strong and brilliant. This is an incredibly brilliantly developed character – this can be said for the entire cast of the series, as Hoots is perfectly consistent.

Very well written as well which makes for faster, easier reading. As always – brilliant, Dani and thank you ! Keep writing, please.