5/5 stars

I’m glad that I read both Book 1 and the novella in between Books 1 & 2 as ‘Return’ picks up about a year after the events in ‘Exchange’ wrapped up (no spoilers from me- if you aren’t following, go read Fate’s Exchange!). Alyssa is trying her best to move forward with her life and seems mostly okay. Leigh manages to work in plenty of humorous situations and banter, which makes for fun, fast, easy reading.

The mystery around exactly what Alyssa is remains alive though more hints are dropped and we are not bored in getting to the answers, as there is so much else to enjoy. Alyssa isn’t an average teenager – her witty dialogue is entertaining. There’s some family drama and plenty of action along the way to more action. With several mysteries going on, even if some of my predictions are right, there are other surprises I never saw coming. Sasha Leigh’s writing is perfect.

She also tends to be very well spoken with very few errors, which I’m learning is rare. I do not post spoilers but I will say – the end left me hanging but also tied up a few lost ends if that makes sense. There were several surprises for this reader who usually predicts everything, and several little twists to the predictions I did make. There is also just the right amount of drama – I love a good scandal & Leigh manages to work that in. I cannot say enough about this series!

The book: