The Review:

4/5 stars
This book will suck you in rather early, albeit with some cringe-worthy moments but Owumi’s candor is important and refreshing. Alex survived thanks to more than one miraculous event and his own perseverance. As one reader who is adamantly against religion, I must say I did not mind one bit his attributing much of his tribulations and subsequent accomplishments to his deity. His honesty in all aspects of his experience is refreshing, as I stated and his story in general is one that everyone living in a developed nation, accustomed to all that encompasses – taking much of it for granted – should experience.

Please do read this, share it – it is important that we all become more aware of the events he had the misfortune to experience. Kudos to him for writing about all of it and therefore educating those who take the time to read his story.

Oh and you won’t be sorry- as it is fascinating all the while.

The book: