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5 /5 stars, Pelican Freak

Trish does it again – what I love is her consistency. If she wrote it, I won’t be able to put it down, as I’m learning. You cannot go wrong with any of her works.

In this third installment to the mind-opening Station Series, we see Piper find the meaning of real friendship and true love both. For me personally, my mind was opened to the infinite possibilities of our universe -and others and what lies beyond our galaxy. In exposing us to these new worlds, she manages to make them sound believable and subtly points out what were are doing wrong here, in regards to maintaining (or NOT-maintaining really) our planet.

These messages just add to the brilliance of the book. The story itself is impossible to put down and brought such vivid, colorful images to my mind – I can only wish other authors could do this for me. Since they cannot, I’ll continue to impatiently hound Trish to publish more of her works. 😉

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