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5/5 stars.
Couldn’t get enough – waiting for more of The McClusky Series !
By: Pelican Freak on October 11, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
A powerful read that provides a look back into history. D’Ettore is clearly very well informed, thus able to paint the reader a vivid picture of the time in which this novel takes place. I’m immediately submerged into the dramatic lives of Jane & family and pleasantly surprised when the book does not always stick to my predictions.

Reading this book, I’m surprised to realize my open mind – normally I wouldn’t be able to muster up much respect for a woman who stays in a relationship with certain negative aspects involved but the times in which she lives paired with her beliefs do make sense and I find myself emphasizing with her.

Despite all the hardships, there is humor – I rarely laugh out loud as I read but I did here. Mysteries are abundant and there were a couple twists that caught me off guard completely – this read was never dull and I cannot wait for more in this series.


5/5 Stars.
By Pelican Freak
The Creek –
Another D’Ettore book finished in just a couple hours, another that I couldn’t put down and another full of surprises. While I was correct in a couple of predictions, they were minor events. She continued to throw twists at every turn! I cannot say enough about this creek – it’s not like anything else I’ve read. It was a fast read but far from light – it was rather intense overall and surprised me right up until the last pages.

Getting this pair in one purchase is a great deal – two amazing reads: one hilarious and one thought-provoking. I actually had grown bored with reading and taken a little break; after reading D’Ettore’s books I’m excited about reading again. She makes me want to read more and find the next great thing that’ll suck me in – though few can do it like she does.


By: Pelican Freak on October 20, 2014
Goin’ Postal-

A fun read that had me laughing out loud and a heavy read that I couldn’t put down.
HILARIOUS. I’ve been up all night reading this book because I could not put it down. I cannot think of many other books that made me laugh out loud but this one did. Of course it also makes me appreciate those who work in certain settings, but mostly – it made me laugh. If you need a break from life, some cheering up, or just a fun read – get this!
This is also the third book by D’Ettore that I’ve read and been unable to put down; if you haven’t read her: you should.