Dying to Forget is FREE and there is a link included – if you have not checked it out yet, read the reviews for yourself – over 350 are 4-5 out of 5 stars! Then do yourself a favor and relax with it over the weekend!


I woke this morning with a goal to do workish things while my kids struggle to wake up and function enough for school work, and my quick peek on Amazon divulged a rather awesome review milestone in the making!

Dying to Forget is only one spot away from 400 reviews (in the regular Amazon store – I’m not knocking those of you in other territories who have read and reviewed – thank you SO much). Mostly positive, some critical and a few…well…harsh. lol I think this is amazing, so to celebrate these 399 reviews, while trying not to bite my nails waiting for the next one to come in, I’ve decided to pull some of my favorite positive and negative reviews and share them with you here. Sure, some might see this as tortuous behavior, but I swear, I’m 100% fine. *wink*


Hannah Grace says: ASTOUNDING! Dawson is…

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