We likely all worry about our credit and we’ve all heard of the sites that allow us to check our credit for free once a year. If you’ve ever used those sites (I’m a long time user, myself) then you know that they show you the bare minimum for free and have fees for most information such as actual score, advice etc. I tend to not trust anyone who is really out to profit off me.

A few years ago I discovered Credit Sesame and as they did not need any payment information, I figured ‘what the hell’. Ever since, as it happens, I’ve gotten really used to Credit Sesame and sort of relying on it. I’ve never paid them a cent, yet they email me at least once a month with a run down of my activity – for example if my credit has gone up or down even a point, it’s in the email. Typically, I do nothing other than glance at the email and make sure nothing dramatic is showing up.

Now & then though, I will log into the site:

– and just take a broader look. It’ll say things like whether or not I have “home buying power” or what sort of rates I should expect on an auto loan based on my credit – it’s all there in the summary. It compares how much of my debt is credit versus student loans. I feel like I’m not being judged, merely informed. It’s handy. I once followed their advice to a credit card with lower interest than the one I’d been using as my primary and saved a few bucks.

Since I like to share good deals I find shopping, I thought I’d share this little gem.

Credit Sesame.