Lucky for me, I came across this author in a social media group and she gave me ‘Newborn Nazi’ in exchange for an honest review. I couldn’t stop until there was no more, becoming sucked in from the start. As I got into it, I stopped only to track down Ms. D’Ettore in order to tell her I was enjoying her book. We’ve chatted ever since – the friendships I make this way are my favorites!

I am here to tell you that I HIGHLY recommend this book, and that it’s on sale currently for just $0.99 ! You cannot go wrong. There’s even a 50-page sample of another of her works: ‘Tower of Tears’.

What I had to say about it:

This was an amazing read; there is devastating, life-altering action at the very beginning and I am immediately drawn in as I’m already attached to the characters. There are several mysteries going on all at once, sort of wrapped around the bigger picture – it’s fascinating because the big picture mystery is one I did not even see coming at all. It is rare that any form of media is able to surprise me as I tend to predict everything but this novel did just that – and at several turns. D’Ettore also manages to give a very believable picture of Nazi Germany and a glimpse of the States during this time as well, making it all the more interesting as I am submerged into the lives of people on both sides of the major political discord.

I feel any waking hours I spend not reading this book are lived not nearly as fully as when I am submerged into it.

This book reads easily as it is very well written/spoken and the dialogue feels time-appropriate to me (of course I wasn’t alive for this period). ☺ While it is a bit long, I was unable to put it down until I reached the end – I highly recommend this book.