Last month I had the opportunity to beta read a first novel from a new author and I am so glad I did because it turns out they both rock. Destiny’s Wings is categorized as Epic Fantasy – not a genre I normally read but I couldn’t put this book down. Lucky for me, there is more to come as this is just the first installment in the Land of Destiny series.

I highly recommend this read and the reviews do too! As today was the official release date there are just a few reviews so far but they are all 4 or 5 out of 5 stars! I’ll post my review below. Also, since it’s currently on sale for half price (just til 9.20) I’ll include a product link:

A 5-star review:

“A good book makes you want to live in the story; a great book leaves no choice.” – A quote that fully applies here!

I am immediately sucked into this story, wanting to know more about the characters and their world. What I love about this particular novel is the way the descriptive is worked into the goings on and conversations of the book, rather than separate. It makes for easier reading, easier following and is less time consuming. A refreshing writing style!

Another thing that impresses me, being submerged in a work of fantasy is the author’s objective view of humans. Since the POV is largely given from elven folk, we are treated to a look at what we truly are: selfish, loud, and destructive. I even felt relieved to see the relationship between good and evil explained; without spoiling anything I will simply state that the author has a rare and valuable sense of understanding of the things that most humans do not. In reading this book with your mind open even just a little you may see what I mean and come away enlightened. Worst-case scenario: you enjoy a fun escape from reality as you become submerged into the story.

The story is immensely exciting from start to finish but also manages to keep the human aspect alive with each character and their relationships with others. Action, drama, just the right amount of love combined with a classic good versus bad element make this an impossible-to-put-down read. Busy as I am, I still read in one session, as I just couldn’t stop. I’m now waiting for the next one – very impatiently.