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(Cover by Rona Dijkhuis.)

I recently had the pleasure of learning of an author’s impending first novel through a mutual author friend and was given an Advance copy to read as he was looking for some honest feedback, specifically not from any friends and family. This is an author I’ve met solely through reading his work and I’m glad I did!

He is quite well spoken and has quite the brilliant, vibrant writer’s vision.

His novel, The Gift-Knight’s Quest will be out soon and my thoughts can be found here:

The Gift-Knight’s Quest

I am immediately drawn into this story as the author paints a brilliant picture for me to enjoy as it unfolds. As I’m treated to the POV of Derek, he already begins to grow on me showing signs of the rare, reasonable and open-minded human being. Chandra wound up being my favorite and I was pleased to find myself reading her POV often.

Much background is provided; normally this might be difficult to keep track of but in this case it is done so with humor as well as a bit of family drama, keeping it interesting and memorable. ‘The Gift-Knight’s Quest’ is extremely well spoken which also provides for easy reading since it makes for no grammar/typo distractions – this is a quality that seems hard to come by lately and I cannot help but appreciate this as I read.

Another thing I love is the treatment of Gale; he is Derek’s horse and typically in this sort of setting animals are viewed and treated more as tools than living things. Each time Gale’s comforts are considered or he is referred to by name, I am relieved and grateful.

Reading this is like having my own portable time travel machine and I absolutely love every moment I spend submerged in this world.