Accepting the Moon
This was my first short story and I’d say it was a success because I am now totally hooked on short stories where in the past I would never bother with them. Luckily, there is also more to come as it kicks of a series that Kristie is currently working on – I definitely need more of these characters and to know how they go about their lives.

At first sight, Mena may seem like a woman who has been walked on but she soon proves that she handles herself well. When she lands in a life-threatening situation, her cheating husband appears on the scene and she has to make a quick decision: go with him or entrust her life with a stranger. Enter Jaxon; seemingly a beast who initially does have dangerous plans for her but in an instant makes a decision that saves her life. What she has yet to discover is that worlds are going to change as a result of her decision that night.

She goes on to not only save her own life in yet another volatile situation but claim her new place as a leader, and even form an alliance with her natural enemy.

Currently this story is only available in a couple of compilations, however it is being released this week as a standalone as well and I highly recommend checking it out because you’ll want to be up-to-date for the next installment in the series.

The beautiful cover:

Accepting the Moon COVER