I often rant about negative experiences regarding businesses and so positive experiences deserve attention to.
That said, there’s a delivery service in Kissimmee/ Orlando area that has been great. They are a family-owned small business – it’s always good to support those. For some reason they do not advertise, or if they do not in the popular ways. I spent over a year searching for exactly this sort of service and no matter the parameters I used, they never popped up.

Finally I found them, thanks to one of the restaurants that uses them. I called for a delivery and they said, “We don’t delivery- try Hungry Express”. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship…

The Hungy Express works with certain restaurants (of all different types) to bring their food to your door. Just go to the site, browse the menus, place your order (either online or via phone) and the food shows up – it’s awesome.

I frequently select food from Gator’s Dockside and they always forget something. The first time I ordered nachos from them, they arrived with only cheese, despite advertising having lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, chili, and other things. I called Hungry Express and they handled it well – going above and beyond IMO. They brought me a fresh batch of nachos, as advertised by Gator’s Dockside, minus my customizations. They informed me that delivery would be free on my next order – this is the part I felt was above & beyond because they were taking the service recovery upon themselves even though it wasn’t really their error. Yea, the driver should check but the nacho maker should’ve put more than just cheese on them too.

They are very easy to communicate with as they respond to FB posts, emails and even pay attention to comments placed during the order process.

If you’re in the area, I highly recommend trying them out when you’re feeling lazy.