I’d like to take a few minutes to spotlight another author; this one happens to be my favorite currently and as 2 of her books can be grabbed for FREE on amazon right now, it seemed like a good time.

Trish Marie Dawson is an amazing writer and her stories tend to fall into more than one genre. Many of the genre labels attached to her works are labels I wouldn’t bother with in the past. Reading her books has taught me to ignore the genre label & keep an open mind.

My first book of hers was ‘I Hope You Find Me’ and it’s still a favorite. As it happens it’s sequel is already out and she’s working on the third in this series as we speak. The book is FREE on amazon right now – here:


The book has 146 customer reviews and most of them are 4-5 stars. Mine’s below…

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This review is from: I Hope You Find Me: Find Me Series 1 (Kindle Edition)
I cannot say enough about this book and everyone I’ve recommended it to is in agreement. I read a lot, always have. Now with school, work, & general being-an-adult-stuff I do not read as much as I used to so something has to be really good for me to have that “couldn’t put it down” feeling about it, let alone for me to find the time to talk about it with others. I’ve been soliciting this book to everyone I know since I read it because I truly feel like everyone needs to read it AND I think it would make an amazing movie (if done right, as most books-to-movies aren’t). Best thing I’ve read in years!

So. It does start out on a sad note as one reviewer pointed out but I was immediately hooked. I wanted to know, to understand what was happening to Riley. I had to keep going and it picks up right away. A lot of books take awhile for me to get into them – not this one. I actually put my life on hold until I’d finished this book and its sequel. The only way I could stop was once I had to – because there was no more to read. I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting for the final installment of this series since. Nothing else is the same. As someone who always predicts EVERYthing I read and watch, I am very pleased to say I did not predict any aspect of this book, nor will I try to for its final installment. Dawson sucks you in, makes you care about the characters down to Riley’s sweet dog. Normally I wouldn’t go for anything in this category – despite it being outside my comfort zone, as I said I could not put it down – which has actually made me open my mind to anything and everything. This book has returned my insatiable reading “appetite” that has been long lost. I will likely forever be on the hunt for something even remotely close to as good as this one, but my search will continue nonetheless.

I have to say, I’m usually a “grammar police” jerk. I did not even care about the typos I came across in this book I was so into the content. To the grammar critics, get over it and be thankful for the amazing ride that this story offers. To the reviewer who wrote about Riley “having 4 men into her at once” or something of that nature – I do not understand where she’s coming from. Read the book and see what I mean. Riley is obviously a hottie, and in a world where everyone who is remaining has lost everything and everyone, it’s only human nature to be interested in one another. That was not the focus of this story at all. It does have a bit of a romance side, I suppose you could say -but I HATE romance novels and was not turned off. This book is a perfect mix of adventure, emotional roller-coaster rides with a hint of romance and a ton of good old humanity and what I think is a realistic portrayal of how people would act should they find themselves in this unfortunate circumstance. With the exception of the main character, Riley who is stronger and braver than I (probably most of us) ever could be.

Read this and if you are disappointed you can personally take it up with me – I’d actually be shocked and love to hear why!

After reading this, I of course needed more TMD and have since read just about everything she’s written. I’m currently reading ‘The Well Collector’ and I believe that will leave me with nothing but future releases & re-reads of hers. As it happens, her amazing/ mind-opening Station Series has a freebie going on as well. You can get Book 1 of the series, ‘Dying to Forget’ for FREE here:


I highly recommend all her of books – and so I even more highly recommend picking up the two freebies while they last. They’ll both leave you wanting more –but that’s okay as they each kick off an awesome series.

What made me love her as more than an author:
After I’d finished ‘I Hope You Find Me’, and was wide awake thinking about it (yes, it stayed with me) I reached out to her. Using social media, I tracked her down & introduced myself. She immediately was receptive, reading several of my blog posts, becoming a follower, checking out my photography, supporting my companies and friending me. I’ve followed her ever since & it’s been loads of fun. I even won a free copy of her latest work, Kerry-Anne: A Station Series Novella . Not all writers are so receptive to their fans – not to this extent anyway. 🙂

Grab the freebies, check her out & get back to me.