I sometimes write about products and experiences that went well or poorly, so why not do the same for books? I’ve been reading quite a lot lately; about 9 books in the past 10 days and I’ve discovered some excellent new-to-me writers.

The first I’d like to share and highly recommend is Miranda Stork. ‘Conner’ was great and I’ll paste my review below. What’s even better is it’s the first in a trilogy so I will get to read more about the characters and the world I so enjoyed. Miranda is super sweet as well, as it turns out. She has reached out to me via social media and we’ve been in touch as a result. It’s always pretty cool to be friends with authors I enjoy as I get to meet other fans of theirs which leads to more great reading recommendations and of course stay on top of what they’re working on, releases, etc.

Check out Miranda’s writing- or if you already have let me know what you think!

Right off the bat, I’m excited and drawn in by the sort of dark atmosphere. I mean this literally as it’s a summer evening and the point of view is told from – we know not what … yet. Some ideas come into place just as I am brought back to modern day and again pulled right in by the psychology professor whose ethics are more to my tune than the man who seeks her help. A not-so-subtle ethics debate is underlying as what appears to be a fascinating tale begins.

As I read on, the main character prompts me to wonder if he’s what he says he is, or just a modern day Sybil. All the while the ethics question lingers and comes up repeatedly based on how he’s being treated in his current facility. As I watch him transition back and forth the first few times, during his first examination by Dr. Miller, as Conner explains the incident that led to his incarnation, I cannot help but think of the line Jared Leto sings, “Tell me would you kill to save a life?” Read for yourself, you’ll see what I mean & have your own opinions as to the ‘right’ answer to such a question.

Reading along I also thoroughly enjoy the author’s references to pop culture, both classic and of my generation.

The adventure begins early into the book – I read it in one session, unable to put it down. An element of good vs. evil… or wait! Is it evil or only a group of people who aim to protect the planet & all of its inhabitants from the destruction we humans inflict? You’ll have to read for yourself to see – you won’t be sorry you did.