I’m just going to go ahead and rant about something that’s been irritating me. For roughly three decades (aka my whole life) I’ve been Disney’s biggest cheerleader. My head is filled with such a large amount of useless, Disney-related facts that if only I could replace with useful things, I might solve world hunger.

In 2012 Disney officially announced (after months of rumors), that yes, they are in fact, putting a Starbucks on ‘Main St, USA’ in the MK. This has really bothered me. It turns Walter Elias Disney’s vision for Main St., USA into the polar opposite of what it has become, with this one move. I realize travelers want their damn Starbucks- and have no problem with delivering this. Have all the stops serve Starbucks, who cares. But to put an actual shop on Main St USA is just an abomination.

With Downtown Disney making the transformation into Disney Springs, it gets worse. While DD or DS is no theme park, there still doesn’t seem to be a need to build a Starbucks the size of the old Virgin Records. It’s a fucking coffee shop. And there – the blog I’ve always worked hard to keep clean (if you know me – you know how hard that is for me) has been deflowered.

It gets worse. With the Fantasyland expansion the MK is jam-packed ape-shit cray daily and it’s not even completed. They’ve recently announced that they will be transforming the Hub – this is the area around Cinderella Castle. They will be uprooting the beautiful green, fenced off areas (thus encroaching on Walt’s beloved wildlife who lives there, another abomination and polar opposite of his vision) in order to have more pavement and just sporadic small garden areas. This allows for the park’s capacity of people to increase and of course for WDW to sell more “VIP viewing sections” for shows such as the nightly fireworks. Because we all need to pay four figures for that special spot from which TO LOOK AT THE SKY.

I could go on much longer but I’d better stop before the blog really does become defiled. I think you get my point. Walt’s vision has been stomped all over for some time now –do not EVEN get me started on internal changes, witnessed by cast members –  but now it’s as if it never existed.  While he has been dead for over four decades, this was bound to happen. But there is a place called Disney University that is dedicated to ramming that very vision down the throats of cast members, new and old. For those of us who admired Walt for his imagination, this is a very sad time indeed.

The most infuriating thing I’ve witnessed in the past 24 or so months with this company is this:

Earlier this year, the company changed its ‘Guest with Disabilities’ policy, essentially ruining WDW for all families with members on the Autism spectrum for one, among countless other afflictions physical and otherwise… this is for another post as it is a long rant. The point is, the motto that is shoved down cast members’ throats, “We create happiness…. For EVERYONE…” has been made a sham.

And with that, I feel my loyalty to Disney dissipating.  It was bound to happen: them turning into just another impersonal corporation. It is just sad that where Disney is headed happens to be the polar opposite of the vision of the man who created it all.

A look at the Hub while it lasts…