I’ve recently written about the dangers (and potential just plain offensiveness) of mindless ‘sharing’ on Facebook.

On this blog you can find 3 (so far) different posts that list out exactly what happens from the moment you click ‘share’ on most things that tell you to do just that. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you direct links. (It involves malware and extensions being implanted on your devices.) I’ve also written about how some of the mindless sharing is, while harmless, still can be offensive –and either way, makes the poster look like a mindless sheep. A naïve fool. A simpleton. To me anyway.

The above picture is another example of mindless-sheep posting. We have all seen similar memes with this same basic claim, be it children, parents, cousins, etc.

I would like for the mindless posters of the above category to explain something to me. Is clicking ‘share’ on such images the only way your child would know you love them? Do you not tell them you love them, either through the words themselves or your actions? If this is the case, perhaps the older generations could shed light on what the hell they did before Facebook. Today actually marks the 10th anniversary of Facebook, and it did not become popular and filled with such memes until years after the fact. Therefore, if this is your way of making your children feel loved, did every human who existed before Facebook’s becoming popular doubt their parents’ love? What do the 2/3 of the world who are not connected to the internet do about this?? [Perhaps they are the ones who still THINK – what a concept.]

Or, a question for you Sharers of this type: by not clicking ‘share’, does that mean you do not love your child? To see this, and not mindlessly click share, like some obedient servant is some form of saying, “I hate my child”? I’m sorry but I just do not get it. Or I do and you are in fact, mindless sheep.

I grew up in a family in which the words, “I love you” were never uttered. I do not care; I do not feel any sort of depravity over this. Actions speak louder than words in my opinion. If my parents were to start posting memes of the above nature, I would be frightened that they had joined the ranks of the mindless sheep, or were going senile. I respect them MORE for not posting such garbage.

I also have people whom I love more than life itself. I never discuss my love for them on Facebook; yet somehow, they know of my love for them. Again because such things should be left to personal relationships. Is it just me? Or is there anyone left who sees ignorance and irony in memes of this nature?