Shares like the above annoy the crap out of me, am I the only one? They claim that anyone who had access to certain movies, shows, toys, etc. during their impressionable years had an “awesome childhood”.

Am I the only one who thinks the people who click the ‘Share’ button on such things are mindless sheep? Perhaps the child, who managed to watch the above-portrayed movie also underwent beatings on a regular basis. Perhaps they watched their siblings beaten or molested.

Perhaps they were stolen from their biological families and sold to their “family” on the baby black market – something that is extremely common, believe it or not.

Perhaps they grew up hearing about how their parents wished they were never born, they were a mistake, and they ruined the parents’ lives. Perhaps they have NO IDEA what it feels like to have a family who wants them. But because they caught certain shows and movies their childhood was made.

For anyone who had it that simple, who has a loving family – that’s wonderful. But you shouldn’t take such things for granted. Some of us have no idea what it feels like to be wanted by their own family. Some of us have deformed fingers and toes from the drawing and breaking of them while they were still growing. Some of us suffer the pain of ingrown toenails constantly because ripping out toenails is a punishment that can be hidden from the rest of the world.

Some of us go on to become adults and get away from such traumas, but still see them in their mind every waking and sleeping moment. But hey! Since we had The Never Ending Story or My Little Pony, it’s all good, apparently.

Seriously folks. None of you do it to be offensive. But the majority of you DO do it mindlessly. That is the problem: anyone who no longer exercises thinking.

You never know what kind of horrors anyone suffered during their childhood. Perhaps this writer has very happy childhood memories – but thinking leads to such things: possibilities. Thinking leads to a lack of mindless sharing.

I won’t even bother going deep into the fact that clicking ‘Share’ on anything that tells you to tends to result in malware implanted into your hard drive and extensions placed on your browser – and yes that goes for mobile sharing as well. I already have written 3 posts that cover that side of it.

My point is, you should never assume that just because one has seen a certain movie, that in your opinion is epic, they  had “the best childhood ever”. Try thinking people. It’s really not that hard and it keeps your mind working- something that you will benefit from in old age. If you make it to old age –which – based on the level of ignorance and stupidity I am surrounded by, would be quite a feat.