My letter to AAA which has so far been ignored is below. They’ll be hearing from us again, via the BBB with hospital bill attached.

We had a SERIOUS life/death situation recently, while broken down in a blizzard, in the dark, zero visibility, in the middle of a 6-way intersection. We naturally called AAA as we have done for years. Since obtaining my license, I never leave home without my AAA card. This was December 17th. We called, stranded in North Haven, CT. Being from Florida we did not have the exact address but we had our exact GPS coordinates, and were surrounded by several business landmarks, and had the street name we were on and were facing a large green sign for a major highway -all of which we provided multiple times. The weather was single digit according to my iPhone.

Pedro was the AAA associate name. We explained that we were truly in a “life or death” situation, there was a blizzard going on, it was dark and that other vehicles were bombing around us from several different directions, on the ice/snow covered roads. In the dark. In ALL of my past dealings with AAA, the agent’s primary concern and first question to me has always been, “Are you in a safe location?”. During this potentially fatal situation, we were not and you did not care. Also, we informed Pedro that the car had lost power; we had no heat, not even hazard lights & were in a black vehicle. Normally, in my past experience, this is when the AAA agent would send a police officer out for safety. Pedro stopped everything when he heard us state that we were in North Haven. He insisted that no such city exists and we “must mean New Haven”. Husband and I were both on the line with him. We explained that we were familiar with New Haven, but that we were certain we were in North Haven. We reiterated many times that we risked freezing to death, or getting hit by the other vehicles and needed assistance ASAP. Pedro spent over one hour refusing to dispatch help, and just insisting that there is no such thing as North Haven, CT. We point blank asked him, “Don’t you have a computer in front of you, on which you can verify that North Haven does in fact exist?” several times. He claimed each time that he had no computer in front of him.

I’ve been using you for many years, having never owned a reliable vehicle and I know your agents have always seemed to have computers in front of them. I was literally crying after awhile of this, certain that we were being left to die there, just because this Pedro was on some weird “power” trip, and would rather argue our whereabouts than send help that could mean the difference between life and death. My husband suffered frostbite as a result of being in this climate for too long – and again I want to be clear on the fact that the reason we were exposed to this weather for so long, is simply because Pedro denied the existence of North Haven, CT and refused to just look it up, verify that it does exist and send help. When he refused to admit that North Haven exists, Husband requested another agent. Pedro’s reply was, “Are you fucking kidding me?” Do you condone that sort language being spoken by your representatives to your customers? At that point, husband did explain, “Look, I’m not trying to get you in trouble but we are seriously in a dangerous situation here. Can I have a supervisor? At that point, after losing one hour already, Pedro disconnected the call. We were forced to call in again and start over before help could even be dispatched.

I would very much like to discuss this matter with someone further; email is the best way to reach me. PLEASE HELP and please assure me that nothing like this will happen to anyone again. Or would you rather I take my story to the media, and pursue an investigation regarding just how many AAA subscribers have died as a result of cocky, power-tripping, self-proclaimed “know-it-all” customer service reps and dispatchers? Because I am VERY traumatized from this event. My membership is up for renewal right now and I do not know if I can hand over $150+ to you, after your team member swore at us, argued that our location does not exist & put us through that horrid experience. Rather than me paying you for anything, in all honesty, I should send you the bill for the frost bite treatment.  PLEASE DO RESPOND…otherwise I will be sending my story to EVERY media outlet in the country, as well as the BBB.