I order ONLINE from store 186 frequently. The reason I order online is because talking to the employees here makes me want to kill myself, they are just not smart. You should know a couple things. First of all, your website is a DISASTER. I cannot just sign in and start my order. It goes like this. I have to select something I want. THEN select my location- DESPITE having a SIGN ON and my address and payment info stored. Once I’ve selected an item, I’m offered the opportunity to sign in. The item I had to choose to get to this point is lost. I need to start my order over. Often, when I’m in the screen in which I am asked to modify/add toppings/select crust etc. it craps out (for lack of better word) and I have to go through this step repeatedly.

It gets worse. Once the order that I PAINSTAKINGLY and REPEATEDLY worked at to get through arrives it’ a disaster. For example.: your Howie Breads claim to be “16 hot buttered sticks..etc etc..” I can provide pictures. “16” is in quotes because we might get 5 sticks. We might get 8 sticks. Regardless of what size we select we have NEVER gotten 16 sticks. I do not really need 16 sticks but I DO EXPECT to get what I pay for, especially since false advertisement is not legal.

Another prime example is the Italian sandwich you offer. It is described simply as “ham, salami, cheese”. Great. However it has NEVER arrived that way. On some occasions I have gotten what I think is, just some bread filled with every meat your store has to offer. Gross. Sometimes I get sausages ,meatballs, a TON of cheese. NEVER have I gotten the item as described, unless I have specifically typed into the comments,  “PLEASE MAKE AS DESCRIBED: HAM, SALAMI CHEESE- THANKS.” This ALWAYS confuses them greatly and they ALWAYS have to call me to discuss this, defeating the purpose of having placed my order ONLINE.  I could go on for hours and pages and pages of similar stories and horrible, inconvenient problems with your website. I do not know if this particular store does not know its own menu, or whether your entire chain is running some sort of a scam. Either way I’m about to alert the FTC and the BBB, depending upon your response. As it happens I could refer you to a web designer who could fix all your glitches, or do a complete redesign if you were interested in operating HONESTLY. That part is obviously none of my business but I do know, and can support with documentation from my MANY experiences with you that your website is ONE BIG FALSE ADVERTISEMENT.

Respectfully awaiting your response before I get upset or take this to another level. Thank you.

**Here’s where you come in. If you have a Hungry Howies near you, and use it… tell me … do you have this problem with EVERY item arriving NOT AS DESCRIBED. I am curious to find out whether this is just a case of a rogue store or if the whole thing’s a scam. Will of course follow up with their reply as well, IF I get one.