I’ve recently written two posts in which the dangers of the ‘Like & Share’ scams that have come to infest Facebook are laid out  – going so far as to uncover two different/yet similar scams for you. Both of these posts go on to explain exactly what happens from the time you click on ‘Share’. I will tag them below for your information.

The purpose of this post is to serve as a reminder that by accessing social media sites from your phone or tablet does NOT make you immune to the scams. A friend who is smarter than the average bear claiming as much inspired this… I figure if she believes using her phone makes her safer, many of you do. I’m here to clear the air on this issue.

As my previous posts explain, when you click ‘Share’ on basically any post that is telling you to do just that , a number of actions are set in place. Malware is placed on your hard drive, typically this is malware that takes over all of your system devices- think microphone, camera, etc. You can now be very easily spied on.  Your keystrokes are typically tracked when this happens too – think passwords and credit card or banking information being captured. Extensions are also placed on your browser –typically these work to redirect you, unbeknownst to you – to fake versions of whatever website you think you’ve just accessed. This is another way for them to capture your information.

So… you access FB from an installed Application on your device you say? That’s fine – so perhaps the little extension tricks I just described do not occur. But remember: your phones, tablets, etc. DO have hard drives, RAM and CPU’s just the same as your desktop or notebook computer. So you are still very much at the same risks you are when accessing FB via your computer. Bottom line, in case you haven’t noticed: Your phone/ tablet is NOT safer than your computer.

In fact, for the record, these should be armed with anti-virus software just the same as your computer hopefully is. However the scams I’m currently working to spread awareness about are brand new and none of the current programs would catch these. In other words: YOU ARE NEVER SAFE.

Sorry to be dramatic, but that’s the truth.

This applies to a variety of posts, the obvious, “We are giving away 504 passes to Universal Studios / just Like and Share”.  The not-so-obvious missing children posts. Even the even less obvious math problems and trivia questions; challenging you to “get it right” is their way of prompting you to comment, like, share, etc. Use your head and look at it this way. ANY post straight up telling you to Like or Share or Comment – or taking a more passive aggressive approach to get you to do the same  (i.e:”only 7% of people will get this right”) is NOT SAFE.

As for the missing children posts – take a minute to look up the child in question ON THE INTERNET – prior to hitting share. Any time you share a missing child, not everyone else will share it so blindly. The billions of users on FB are now bogging down the authorities with questions about the missing child post. These authorities now have fewer resources to apply to ACTUALLY-MISSING kids. Not cool.

If you have shared something lately that I’ve described above, or have any questions or suspicions, send me a link and we can dissect it in order to determine whether it would have placed any malware on your device and advise you on how to eradicate said malware.