Recently a Facebook friend shared this picture of a really kick-ass room. Here is the really cool pic:


It was captioned “Like = Awesome, Share = you want this room.” My friend shared it stating, “I want this room.” Hell, I do too! However I was suspicious and concerned because it was specifically telling its audience to ‘Like & Share’. So… I had my company (TMaxTechnologies) look into the page the post came from… it is not actually a page that is endorsed by or affiliated with Dreamworks or Minions in any way and there is serious mal-intent going on here. This isn’t just your usual Like-Farming or anything harmless, hence this blog post.

As soon as one clicks on ‘Share’, it places a tracker on your Facebook. It is now following everything you do, and it watches everything you do on your computer, phone, tablet –whatever device you were using when you hit that ‘Share’ button. It is SPYING on you. It isn’t just your typical Spyware though… it’s bad. It now knows EVERY single thing you like, every key you hit (think entering passwords, credit card numbers, etc) … it can also show you things that it thinks you will want based on your habits…. It will show you FAKE things though… You might not realize they’re fakes, they use subtle differences in doing this…. (For example turning Southwest Airlines into “South West Airlines.” Note the space and period in the fake version.) We recently took down a page called exactly that, running a similar scam – see post:

In the case of the cool Minion room, when you clicked ‘Share’, a bug was also placed on your browser.

[FYI, Norton, MacAfee, even Predator – the best there is – wouldn’t catch this – it’s brand new.]

If you have recently shared something that specifically instructed or encouraged you to, you are likely being spied on right now. I hope not, because that means they could be reading this with you and know we’re onto them.

Seriously though: Be very careful. Liking doesn’t hurt. (at this time) but you should never share anything that specifically tells you to.

We will turn this page over to the authorities of course, like all the others we find to be encrypted with mal-intented code. The possibilities of what they can do to you/ and with your personal information is endless. This is the latest thing – that is really in. Remember old school email forwards, chain letters, etc.? Phishing and all that? This is FB Phishing. FB communities and groups are harder to trace than email senders and so the latest trend, seems to be Phishing on FB via exactly this: the “Like & Share”.

The Phishers, Hackers –whatever term you prefer, set up pages pretending to be something popular. For example I may “Like” a page called “Cinderella” that features Cindy’s image or scenes from her movie in the profile and cover photos. It may or may not be Disney’s actual Cinderella page. Either way, now that I’ve liked this page or community or joined this group, etc., its posts will regularly appear in my newsfeed. Some fakes are more obvious than others. Remember this: legitimate companies will never tell you to Like & Share their posts. For one thing, you aren’t curing someone’s cancer or getting airlines tickets just because you’ve clicked ‘Share’ on a social network. For another, ‘Like & Share’ promotions are actually against Facebook’s rules and a violation that can see the company booted.

The bottom line: Do not ‘Like & Share’ when someone tells you to!!

As an aside, if you have shared something recently, that told you to, and you are concerned, well you should be. Feel free to contact TMax Technologies at if you have questions. Include a link to the page or post itself and our experts can determine what, if anything the post is encrypted to do in order to establish whether your devices have become compromised. We can also eradicate any malware you may have.

Good luck –and stop letting Facebook posts tell you what to do! Jeez. J