Currently there is a super typhoon wreaking havoc in the Pacific; Typhoon Usagi according to the latest report I read is moving at 205 mph in the center of the storm (you know the “calm”). The damage from this storm is going to make Katrina look like a picnic. Taiwan is currently being pounded; the Philippines got “lucky” and still there are dozens confirmed dead already. It seems to be heading straight to Hong Kong, which will end up flattened. Not only is this storm perhaps the most powerful we’ve ever seen but it’s gigantic.  At this time it’s estimated to be 50-60 miles around at least. It’s beyond a category 5 – it’s beyond anything our current rating system can describe.


Yet , if you Google “typhoon” (with your location TURNED OFF or HIDDEN) you get information, hours, attractions, etc. –  regarding Walt Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon. I pointed out that this is with location hidden so that you realize it’s not just because I’m in Kissimmee or even the U.S. that this is what I see.


The American media has had little to nothing to say about this catastrophe and I am ashamed. The Washington Post did make mention of a “cyclone” developing in the “West Pacific” nearly 24 hours ago. This does not even come close to conveying what is actually going on. Meanwhile –what IS in American headlines? Something about a dress that Gwenyth Paltrow wore to some recent event, and the fact that Disney’s Princesses’ costumes have been reimagined to include pants.

We are a shallow, selfish nation. I am certain that, when the storm wipes out some crop or factory that we, as Americans enjoy as an import this tragedy will make headlines.  


To anyone thinking it’s not in the news here because it’s not our problem, you’re wrong. A storm or this magnitude impacts all of us. The death, the destruction that the planet will feel as a result. West Africa is expected to be hit – many of the animals that are there are already nearly extinct. Our planet needs its wildlife – more than it needs humans.  This is no way for humans to go – American or not. This is terrible.  Footage of the storm is currently limited, since I have to dig through international channels to find any mention of it. A few hours ago Taiwan’s roads were literally a parking lot. Those who did try to evacuate and had somewhere to go were sitting ducks, physically stuck in this mess, waiting to drown or be blown away.


Many of the states that have been and will be impacted by this storm remind me of more irony.  Some major tourist destinations are being flattened as we speak yet, the locals in many of these places are too poor to evacuate or have nowhere to go –despite the billions of tourist dollars their homes generate. We build up five star resorts on their pretty beaches, yet they work in sweatshops and have nothing to speak of and no way to escape when something like this should happen.  I am saddened by the current situation of course; but I am also saddened and embarrassed that American Press would rather place petty things like who is wearing what in their headlines than something of actual importance. I know, it isn’t new. That makes it all the more pathetic.