As a typical spider hung out where ceiling meets wall, after a day or so of looking at him and realizing he was in fact, a free-loading arachnid I demanded Hubby kill him.


He lazily smooshed him with a reacher/picker – call it what you want. This may or may not be a picker that is property of an employer that I brought home to Princess-ize.


Anyway, the smooshed spider carcass remained where it died for maybe 15 hours while I , to no avail, nagged Hubby to dispose of it. He repeatedly assured me that he would… however, there it sat. The next day it was gone at some point in the afternoon. (When I got out of bed –having recently eliminated mornings from my life.)

I assumed Hubby had finally come through on disposing of the carcass. However he did not! He reported that he witnessed the spider compose himself and walk away, and disappear into a crack in the wall. This is completely logical to me, because for one thing this is the sort of thing that happens to us. For another, it is more likely that a spider rise from the dead than it is that Hubby would climb the walls, around the 42” television set and its entertainment center and our wall art in order to remove it himself.

So obviously he is living in our walls, zombifying other bugs and and our walls are filled with zombie spiders.  If you need more evidence, talk to the mosquito carcass that was on my bathroom sink and disappeared into thin air before I could get Hubby to dispose of him.

Going forward, I may have to think twice about killing bugs and leaving the bodies where they lie for Hubby to clean up. I’m not sure yet, how I feel about a bug or arachnid zombie apocalypse.