TLC airs shows such as ‘Buried Alive’, featuring extreme hoarders. ‘Intervention’ which showcases people hitting rock bottom and their families’ quests to maybe/maybe not succeed in getting them help. ‘My Strange Addiction’ and ‘Freaky Eaters’ which are the inspiration for this post and will be discussed further. 

Hoarders have mental illness and need therapy and serious intervention in order to deal with their issues; the same can usually be said for the addicts that are featured on ‘Intervention’. These people have typically been through a traumatic event which brought these issues to the extreme conditions they have reached in order to be featured on these shows.

‘Freaky Eaters’ and ‘My Strange Addiction’. There almost aren’t words for some of the people on these shows – but I’ll manage to ramble on about them anyway. Both of these shows portray people who eat things that are not edible – and by eat I mean consume massive, dangerous amounts of them to the point of causing serious health issues and those around them having mental breakdowns prompted by the thoughts of what their habits are doing to them. The one thing that all of these people have in common –whether their thing is making love to their car, eating toilet paper, snorting baby powder, etc. – is that they all feel that what they are doing is harmless. This is where the title of this post comes in: Anyone who honestly believes it is completely safe to ingest 2 pounds of drywall per day should NOT reproduce. Clearly the level of ignorance here is beyond help. I’m not judging them for the issues they suffered which drove them to taking on and becoming dependent upon these hobbies; I am truly talking about the sheer ignorance of what should be basic common / survival knowledge here.

The woman who eats dryer sheets (preferred brand: Snuggles), does not hide her habit from her small child. The child eats toilet paper –and so did the mother. Here we have three generations of women (so far) who think it is safe to place non-digestible items in their bodies, and in mass amounts. The health system in the U.S. is already such a mess (totally cannot discuss it here without a major side track) – it seems like our hospital resources, doctors, OR’s, etc. etc. should not have to be used to save people from something so preventable and self-destructive. These people clearly need to be educated on the contents of the items they consume and the dangers of foreign bodies before they start such things.

The man who is having a relationship with Chase, his vehicle is really harmless. Sure he is likely ostracized for such activity and he clearly is a paraphiliac- one who is turned on by unusual/inanimate objects… but this beats things like pedophilia or, filling up his intestines with glass, etc. He was on the show and encouraged by his family and friends to seek help, but he has no desire to change. If he’s happy in his “relationship” and the way for him to find release involves pleasuring himself on or inside the car, in the privacy of his own driveway then – I say let him. We’ve got much bigger problems. Paraphilia has not been linked to pedophilia and in this case is basically harmless. Arguable of course but again – hardly the biggest problem. If he’s cool with being a social pariah, or better yet, able to keep his relationship a secret and live a semi-normal life than all the power to him. So far paraphilia hasn’t been found to be hereditary –and anyway let’s face it. He isn’t going to make a baby with his car so in this case, the gene pool likely is protected.


The 18-year old girl who’s spent the past 11 years consuming plastic: now this is just sad. She’s a young girl, and a fairly smart one at that, with her whole life in front of her. In her case, I would say with therapy she could beat the habit and maybe even raise productive children someday. She was well aware that consuming the plastic couldn’t be good for her- she just was too addicted to it to care enough to address it. Once convinced to seek help, she could recover from this.

The woman who eats “toilet tissue”, keeps it stashed everywhere. She is hardcore into her toilet tissue. She has a preferred brand and ply and all that. She describes herself just ripping off a little piece, letting it sort of sit on her tongue, prior to chewing and swallowing it. It’s been going on for years. She keeps it in her car, for a snack while stuck in traffic. She keeps a roll in her purse for snacking on the go. Her favorite “guilty pleasure” is seeing movies alone so she can just kick back and eat her toilet tissue. When asked why she simply says, “It’s delicious”. She states that she doesn’t believe the habit is harmful. This is someone who should be sterilized. One who cannot even grasp that ingesting something NOT ingestible should not be allowed to rear impressionable minds.

Yes I know that the concept of mandatory sterilization brings up all kinds of civil rights issues – but let’s not even get me started on the fact that a nation who claims to have been established on the concept of “Separation of Church and State”, lets religious beliefs determine whether everyone is entitled to their basic civil rights. My point is, there could be some validity to this concept. Raising children is a huge responsibility, especially as the world becomes scarier everyday with pedophile priests and teachers, the extreme to which bullying has risen, groups led by the likes of al-Zawahiri whose sole purpose is to destroy Western life, school shootings, etc. etc. Many will agree that people should have to pass a test or meet some sort of requirements before they can rear impressionable minds. TLC’s official take may or may not be with me – they likely never even considered such a concept. Yet, the shows they are airing in recent years only encourage such thoughts for me.

I recently had a mini-marathon of ‘My Strange Addiction’ thanks to Netflix Instant Streaming. Hubby, just a few people in suddenly spoke up and said, “I now see why you sometimes talk about things like mandatory sterilization… these people… shouldn’t be responsible for others…”  He was in awe.

There’s the woman who is addicted to eating rocks. She’s been doing it for 20 years and counting. She doesn’t seem to have any sterilization process, just picks them up and takes bites out of them. As someone who has NEVER cried or screamed or had any such reaction to television or movies – perhaps I’m just detached – whatever the reason I can completely separate stories from my own life and I do not get emotionally sucked in at all. Never have when watching or reading fiction – I was seriously disturbed and even shrieked at one point, watching this woman crunch on rocks. I’ve got issues with my teeth, I’ve come a long way and still need 12K worth of root canals and crowns as we speak. I’m missing about 13 that came out due to being beyond repair. Tooth pain is my worst nightmare. Watching this woman bite and chew on rocks – I actually found myself squirming and covering my eyes. This show is not for the weak-stomached at all… but my point is I can watch anything. In my 32 years this is the first thing that’s gotten a rise out of me. Everyone has something, sure. What I’m getting to is, she point blank said that there was no way harm was coming to her body despite having this habit for 20 years. She clearly had some sort of mental addiction to eating the rocks – one can be mentally addicted to absolutely anything of course. She carried them around in pill bottles and proclaimed, “This is my medicine, why do you think I keep some in pill containers?” Thankfully, her three children realize this is unhealthy and have begged her to seek help, rather than follow in her footsteps. She has no desire to get help or change. It gets better when she does, reluctantly agree to see medical professionals, and then doesn’t believe their findings. Ignorance at its worst. No one knows it all, this is why we have doctors, lawyers, accountants and so on. We depend on those who have taken the time to learn all about their particular area and most of us are in no position to be telling them they’re wrong.

The young man who eats glass for fun. He does it to get attention, despite the fact that it’s negative attention and everyone around him begs him to stop. His friends, annoyed, say, “hey man, stop eating my light bulbs…” or “please do not eat my wine glasses”. He thinks it’s’ a fun party trick. This is GLASS. It is literally tearing up his insides. He agrees to have some diagnostics run and sees the repercussions for himself and still doesn’t want to give up his little, attention-getting party trick. He doesn’t seem capable of raising or influencing others whose minds are impressionable.

The woman who is eating her husband’s ashes. Yes, his loss is traumatic. Carrying them around with her, okay we all cope with things in our own way. Digging in and coming up with a finger full and consuming it – repeatedly? She acknowledges that eventually she will have eaten all the ashes and there will be nothing left of her husband’s remains. When asked about this – a lack of the presence of the ashes, she admits, “I will probably kill myself”. Still she cannot stop. She needs some good help, and preferably before she consumes all of his remains and becomes more disturbed by their being gone. This is a sickness, I’m not judging. But the ignorance comes in when she feels there is nothing wrong with consuming toxins like embalming fluids.

Why are there so many people who just do not understand that some things are not safe to consume? Why is it so hard to accept such a concept as, “hey, you shouldn’t live on a diet of cat treats –which are made from leftover, ground up parts such as the beaks and feet, etc. of dead and diseased animals…” or “No, it isn’t safe to fill your body with drywall –which by the way contains toxins such as silica and fiberglass –and IS NOT DIGESTABLE…”  It’s one thing to be in denial because you do not want to have to go through quitting. But it’s another to honestly believe that taking up such a habit in the first place is harmless.  I do feel that some of the people on this show, and their incurable ignorance should seriously not be allowed to make more people who share in their DNA or rear impressionable minds.  #protectthegenepool

So go on, TLC. Continue to feature these shows for all the world to see… and perhaps someday… more people will come to see things my way. You are helping my cause. I’ve already converted a few people, just by showing them minutes of your various shows. Together, we could change the human race!